Month: May 2017

Fake engineers employed by R&AW/CBI/indian government responsible for india’s infrastructure problems

One of the reasons why India has some of the worst infrastructure in Asia is because the powerful indian intelligence agencies R&AW/CBI and the indian government employ a large number of fake engineers, who are faking both their engineering degree and experience. These well connected fake engineer indian government employees have stolen the impressive resume of experienced vulnerable engineers from top indian engineering colleges with the help of their powerful relatives and friends in indian intelligence and security agencies and large corporates allegedly google, tata.
Other than complaining about the resume theft fraud, the experienced engineer can do almost nothing to get justice because the indian government refuses to investigate any complaint against the fake engineers they are employees as the most powerful top indian government employees are involved in the fraud.
Just as quack doctors can cause havoc to the patients health, the fake engineers employed by the indian government are responsible for most of the infrastructure problems in India.