Month: March 2017

With relatives of officials, politicians faking engineering degrees, experience to get great powers, goa finds it difficult to attract investment

Most investors are only interested in dealing with honest companies as cheaters are likely to cause losses. The goan media often writes about how the goan government is finding it difficult to attract investment to the state, get new businesses in the state and those who study in goa have to go to other states for jobs .

However the goan government refuses to acknowledge a major problem faced by investors in the state, the rampant identity, resume theft of trained experienced professionals, especially engineers in goa by the lazy greedy mediocre fraud relatives and friends of top intelligence, security, government employees, politicians like google, tata sponsored indore R&AW employee document robber housewife veena, obc bhandari sex worker sunaina, goan gsb frauds riddhi nayak siddhi mandrekar

If experience and competence had no value, most private companies would not pay a higher salary to experienced trained engineers, However in India, and in goa in particular, the government does not value trained and experienced engineers from top colleges and top officials are falsely claiming that goan sex workers, cheater housewives and other frauds who are bribing top indian government employees and have never worked as engineers, have the impressive resume, investment of the google competitor

So when the goan fraud R&AW/CBI employees like siddhi mandrekar are complaining about the problems in goa, they should realize that they are directly responsible for most of the problems in goa, as they greedily want all positions of power at any cost , despite not having the relevant experience,qualification . The United states is one of the richest countries in the world because merit and hard work is appreciated, while the indian government worships mediocrity, laziness and fraud, causing poverty all over india.