Month: December 2015

Find the value of your low traffic website

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Home remedies for dental problems

Dental problems can be extremely painful or inconvenient, and it may be difficult to find a competent honest dentist to deal with the problem immediately. Looking for suppliers of dental products for home treatment, home remedies at an affordable cost. More details at Dental health online

Forum advertising

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Casteism, discrimination against obc bhandari engineers, professionals

Brilliant honest hardworking obc bhandari engineers, professionals are often viciously defamed without any proof by powerful officials allegedly bribed by large corporates, or personal gain, greed . These powerful fraud officials get away with their lies, because their obc victim is not able to tell anyone his or her story of defamation, harassment, cheating and exploitation. So if you are a single woman, obc bhandari engineer facing defamation, discrimination, share your story online at Caste discrimination journal

Impersonation fraud victim looking for help

A single woman obc engineer who is a victim of impersonation fraud needs information on the HR department of R&AW, CBI, NTRO so that she can find out the designation and other details of the well connected frauds who have impersonated her to get lucrative R&AW/CBI jobs. Any information on the recruitment process at these intelligence agencies will also be appreciated. Detailed information about the fraud available at Exposing intelligence agencies

Painter required urgently

Painter required urgently for painting the following
1.House gate, double, swing type 1.1 m X 1 m
2. Window grills (multiple windows approx, 1 m X 1 m)
3. Metal door grill (1.95 m X 1.1 m)
The rust has to be removed from the grill, and it has to be repainted.
Painting supplies like paint, brush (if required) will be provided
Please quote hourly rate and time taken to complete the work to

More details at Handy Capable solutions